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DIY: Care of Bamboo Knitting Needles

Potential Issues

  • Bamboo knitting needles can dry out in overly dry climates or homes with low humidity in the winter. By contrast, they can warp in areas with high year-round humidity. They can also become rough if not used for a while. The reason for this is that the oils on your hands and in wool yarns will naturally moisturize the bamboo; if left in storage, they lack this moisture. Simply using bamboo knitting needles regularly can thus avert damage from storage.


  • If you do need to store needles for a sustained amount of time, do so in a climate-controlled environment. Don't store them near heaters or in the kitchen, where humidity is an issue. Keep them in a wooden box or fabric needle case (not plastic; it can encourage mold growth), in a room without extremes of dryness or dampness.



  • Waxing needles regularly can also keep them in top shape. Use waxed paper or the beeswax sold in sewing stores for thread conditioning on a soft cloth. Rarely will you need to sand the tips of needles, but if you do need to fix roughened points, use super-fine sandpaper and then wax the points.